Yaroslav Pentsarskyy

Quickly turning your Content Query Web Part display into a jQuery tabs

In summary, the goal is to turn something that looks like this: to this: There are many ways to do it, and I very deliberately said “quickly” in the title of this post, implying that you won’t need to mock around XSL of the Content Query Web Part. Here are the steps: 1. First we’ll […]

Have your Web Designer Galleries been all of the sudden gone in SharePoint Online?

I ran into a really annoying issue recently, here were the symptoms: -Users with full control and even site collection administrators were not able to add content editor web parts onto pages -Administrators were not able to see “Web Designer Galleries” in their site collection settings If you have publishing features enabled – then this […]

Important tips on customizing SharePoint Online Suite Bar

There is a lot of debate on whether SPO suite bar should be customized or not … this video puts things into a single, very important tip – best viewed in HD … enjoy!

Frequent Suite Bar customization nightmares in SharePoint Online are here to stay

Today on a SharePoint Branding webinar (thanks everyone who could attend, btw), among other things we talked about customizations to SharePoint Online component such as Suite Bar and how unreliable this can be. Well, perfect timing, to prove this point, I’ve noticed subtle Suite Bar change in Excel Online (part of SPO). Before the suite […]

Free Webinar on SharePoint Branding

Even if you built SharePoint On-Premise sites before, coming to SharePoint Online world you still may have a lot of questions, like for example: Do you need VS for SharePoint Branding? or What are the most difficult elements to style in SPO? Can you style SPO Access App? Does SPO load jQuery automatically? Can you […]

Gearing up for SharePoint Online project

Having several different SharePoint Online projects completed over the last couple of … years really; several bigger ones still ongoing, I thought I would share few things with you that might help you from a technical perspective to avoid things that can’t be done. In no particular order – here they come: 1. SharePoint Apps […]

Content Targeting with SharePoint Content Search Web Part

Who wouldn’t want to have targeted content in SharePoint? Seems like such a logical ask and yet it’s seems like it’s a pain to implement. This post will try to demystify this implementation. Here is the scenario: You have people in your organization and they’re using their User Profile to describe their interests, say they’re […]

SharePoint Apps versus Full Trust or Sandbox solutions

Pressure is on and more and more companies are moving to SharePoint Online for the intranet and extranet and whatever else they have running in their server room. So, Few people asked me, what is the difference between developing apps versus on-premise solutions. The short answer is , a lot and since this is not […]

How to: set up multilingual intranet sites in SharePoint Online

Multilingual sites has never been my favorite in SharePoint, since SharePoint 2007 you had to deal with language pack installations and all the error with setting up infrastructure but now with SharePoint Online things look pretty easy. SharePoint Online is pre-configured with language packs and all the stuff you need to just get your site […]

How to: Customize the look of the SharePoint Content Search Web Part results

In my last post, I talked about how you can set up your SharePoint site to roll up content on different parts of the site using Content Search Web Part (CSWP). In that post I mentioned we’d take a look at how you can customize the rendering of the display template for the items that […]

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