Yaroslav Pentsarskyy

SharePoint Silly Questions: filtering list view with query string parameters

This is an interesting one .. so you have a list or a library and want to filter what users see based on the filter parameters passed in URL, how do you do that? This seems pretty reasonable requirement, after […]

SharePoint Silly Questions: referencing site relative stylesheet and JavaScript

One of the most common things which happen you customize SharePoint site look is that you reference your custom CSS or JavaScript file and when you migrate the solution to production – things break and your CSS file doesn’t load. […]

SharePoint 2013 app class – Nov 12

You may have noticed a registration ,for the last few days, for my SharePoint 2013 app development class. Here is what the class is all about: Introduction and purpose Who is this session for and what will you learn What […]

How to: prevent anonymous users from accessing your SharePoint _layout directory

When building your public site on SharePoint you might be tempted to block the _layouts and other virtual paths on reverse proxy or firewall; after all you don’t want anyone trying their luck at breaking into those pages .. and […]

Pushing quick deploy items in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell

content deployment allows for regular scheduled job to sweep the entire site for any items that require deployment. However this job might run hour or once a day. If you have lists that require “high priority” publishing, you can use […]

SharePoint Content Deployment: Troubleshooting ‘System.IO.FileNotFoundException’ : ‘The file does not exist.’

Few days ago, I set up a content deployment in my SharePoint 2013 farm. It’s a 2 server load balanced farm. I set up a deployment schedule and started noticing that my content deployment jobs fail intermittently with the following […]

SharePoint Content Deployment: Resolving error: “Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel”

When setting up content deployment in your SharePoint Authoring/Publishing environment you might get the following error: The remote Web service request failed with this message : ‘The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure […]

How To: Resolve Image Styles and Position ribbon buttons not working in SharePoint 2013

A while ago, and in particular in this post I was rambling on how you can make things easier for content authors and create your own custom rich text editor styles. However, with this powerful approach comes a lot of […]

When your users have SharePoint permissions they shouldn’t have

Today I into an interesting issue I’d like to share a solution for; interesting, because there are few unanswered posts out there with the same problem. The issue is with SharePoint users having access to the site when they have […]

Adding Scheduling Start Date/Scheduling End Date to SharePoint page layouts

Here is an idea: SharePoint allows to schedule pages but you have to do that separately on a page settings screen. This assumes you’re using a publishing SharePoint 2010 or site. Wouldn’t it be nice if your users could define […]