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Day 2 at MSIgnite – insightful interviews you won’t find anywhere else

Day 2 at MSIgnite – insightful interviews you won’t find anywhere else, for sure!

My first day at MS Ignite 2015

I thought I’d share how the first day looked like at ignite … more to come tomorrow with some fun interviews and more

What’s SharePoint Online Video Portal all about?

How to: make your SharePoint Content Search Web Part results open as a fancybox or “lightbox”

If you worked with the content search web part you probably know that it has several rendering templates available: List, List with Paging, Slideshow All of these will show you just that: a list which will take you to a page where the content is coming from. In my case, my customer wanted to see […]

Important steps to take if you’re running multilingual variations in SharePoint Online

The other day I described an issue where all of your Web Designer Galleries disappear. That article also suggested how to address this issue but the solution was short terms for me as I got the same problem next morning exactly at 10AM, and the morning after, and after … luckily I was able to […]

Want to update your SharePoint app site logo without code?

With SharePoint 2013 and SPO, you get apps and often apps have their app site. When you update your site custom look – all the apps get the same look and feel, there is just one problem – the logo you update on the root site doesn’t get updated on the app site. Here is […]

Quickly turning your Content Query Web Part display into a jQuery tabs

In summary, the goal is to turn something that looks like this: to this: There are many ways to do it, and I very deliberately said “quickly” in the title of this post, implying that you won’t need to mock around XSL of the Content Query Web Part. Here are the steps: 1. First we’ll […]

Have your Web Designer Galleries been all of the sudden gone in SharePoint Online?

I ran into a really annoying issue recently, here were the symptoms: -Users with full control and even site collection administrators were not able to add content editor web parts onto pages -Administrators were not able to see “Web Designer Galleries” in their site collection settings If you have publishing features enabled – then this […]

Important tips on customizing SharePoint Online Suite Bar

There is a lot of debate on whether SPO suite bar should be customized or not … this video puts things into a single, very important tip – best viewed in HD … enjoy!

Frequent Suite Bar customization nightmares in SharePoint Online are here to stay

Today on a SharePoint Branding webinar (thanks everyone who could attend, btw), among other things we talked about customizations to SharePoint Online component such as Suite Bar and how unreliable this can be. Well, perfect timing, to prove this point, I’ve noticed subtle Suite Bar change in Excel Online (part of SPO). Before the suite […]

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