Yaroslav Pentsarskyy

How to: Make SharePoint list view chrome-less (no master)

Ok, so this one was coming up few times and today I actually got a chance to do it … the scenario is this: you have a list which you want to embed as an iframe or Page Viewer webpart […]

Easy SharePoint online contact forms and surveys

Easy SharePoint online contact forms and surveys

Now that SharePoint Online has a pretty well developed story for a small business public site and more people are actually interested in having their public site in SharePoint Online – there’s a question … how do you let your […]

Tips and tricks for branding Office 365 public site using SharePoint Designer 2013

This is a continuation from the video where we did an overview of the Office 365 branding. This time we’re using SharePoint Designer 2013 to do some light changes to the public site UI such as adding new master page […]

What’s new in branding all new Office 365 public site with SP2013 experience!

Remember the video on how to brand Office based on old SP2010 platform – here is a brand new one on how to do all that with SharePoint 2013 experience. to come on how to do that with SharePoint designer […]

How To: Dynamically render boring youtube links as nice looking embeds? Yes please!

Here is the visual explanation for this scenario: wouldn’t is be nice if users could just add a link to the page and it turned into an embed on the fly? Like this: Yes! The easiest solution is to use […]

Troubleshooting SharePoint Term Store error: The default term store for this site cannot be identified

Using SharePoint terms store in your project? Have a Managed Metadata Service application proxy associated to the web application where the sites is? The why are you getting this error when adding a custom Managed Metadata Column, to say, a […]

How To: Set default (home) page on a publishing SharePoint 2013 site programmatically

Seems like a pretty easy task, you have a publishing site you’re building and provisioning all of the core content and obviously want to set a default page in your code. There are plenty examples online but none work in […]

Creating SharePoint related list views (edit and display) with no code

Here is the scenario: you have a parent list, say Departments and this list has number of child related lists, such as DepartmentEmployees, DepartmentContractors etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could let your users have the ability to enter […]

SharePoint Silly Questions: filtering list view with query string parameters

This is an interesting one .. so you have a list or a library and want to filter what users see based on the filter parameters passed in URL, how do you do that? This seems pretty reasonable requirement, after […]