Implementing “back to top” in SharePoint wiki page

On pages where you have a lot of content (ex. glossary page, directory page etc) you may want to implement “back to top” link which will redirect users to the top of the article. This is quite common for WIKI type articles.
In SharePoint 2010 it’s pretty easy to let your users create links like that without getting into the page source.

Activating publishing features 1. On a site collection level navigate to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Manage site collection features
2. Activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
3. On a web level navigate to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Manage site features
4. Activate SharePoint Server Publishing

The following features will enable helpful UI for end users to define the bookmark link on WIKI pages. Now let’s define the actual link:

1. Open the page you’re working with and switch into the edit mode of the page.
2. Select part of the text on the top of the article (you can even select one letter) and insert a link from address as shown below

3. In the modal dialog leave everything as-is except specify # for an address.
4. While the link is highlighted, click the Format ribbon button.
5. In the “bookmark” field type “top” or another keyword you will be using next

5. Now scroll to the section of your page where you need the “back to top” link and add a new link just as above, except set the address value to #top

Save the page and you’re done. Now clicking on the “back to top” will take you to the defined link on the top of the page.

About the author: Yaroslav Pentsarskyy