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Why chose us?
Small team of highly trained experts focusing exclusively on SharePoint – we’re well known experts in the field and community
ok Detail oriented – we’ll will make sure things are pixel perfect in all browsers
ok Professional and honest – we’ll recommend what’s best for you regardless if it means less business for us
ok Transparent – we’ll tell you when things are not our specialty right from the start and engage proper support
ok Reliable, on time and on budget – we know what it takes and will give you a reliable estimate with predictable outcome
ok We’ll put ourselves in your shoes and will work with you to fit needs into your budget; we’ll be upfront about it right from the start
ok Versed in working with complex environments – experienced in workign with variety of pre-production scenarios
ok Versed in working with small business environments and SharePoint Online
ok We follow best practices so you will end up with maintainable and reliable solution
ok Knowledgeable – we know everything that surrounds SharePoint and will recommend 3rd parties if it makes sense
ok We’re just nice and easy going people to work with whether it’s online or onsite
ok We care – if you’re pressed for a deadline, we’ll work weekends and evenings (within reason) to help you get there

Our Services

ok SharePoint 2010/2013 Branding (Introduction/Intermediate/Advanced)
ok SharePoint 2010/2013 Development (Introduction/Intermediate/Advanced)
ok SharePoint 2010/2013 Custom Training

-OnDemand Consulting:
ok SharePoint 2010/2013 Troubleshooting
SharePoint 2010/2013 Project Rescue
ok SharePoint 2010/2013 On-Demand Development
ok SharePoint 2010/2013 On-Demand Branding
ok SharePoint Online Development and Branding
ok SharePoint Solution Assessment
ok SharePoint Solution Performance Troubleshooting

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